SPACE has developed a dedicated reporting software package which allows to store and handle all data managed by the control systems, such as the PGF moisture controller and the GSM lab.
Each preparation cycle, both in discontinuous and in continuous, can be treated statistically and sorted as histogram or trend curve. It is arranged to be placed on a local database as a server.
You can view various types of reports, managing different data:

Sand preparation cycle:

  • Date/Time/Cycle number
  • Quantity of loaded sand 01/02 
  • Quantity of loaded additive 01/02/03/04 
  • Quantity of calculated/introduced water
  • Temperature/moisture measured at inlet
  • Max amperage of the mixer turbine at end of wet mixing cycle
  • Total cycle time of the mixer
  • Temperature/moisture measured at outlet
  • Compactability, compression and shear measured at outlet

Sand cooling cycle:

  • Start Date/Time
  • End Date/Time
  • Introduced water litres 
  • Percentage of proportional valve opening
  • Moisture at inlet and outlet
  • Temperatures inlet and outlet 
  • Sand quantity measured in Kg/sec and T/h
  • Additive quantity added in the premixer MU in Kg

On the basis of the data stored, an appropriate software displays them on web base, where you can:

  • elect the type of report;
  • Establish a view filter, based on the start and end dates.
  • View and export the data to Excel and/or PDF format.


On-line Laboratory SPACE GSM

The SPACE GSM equipment is an on-line laboratory automatically measuring the characteristics of the prepared sand, such as temperature, moisture, compactability, compression and green shear. Implemented with the SPACE PGF-D controller, basing on the results of the analysis conducted, provides automatic corrections of moisture and the amount of additives to be introduced.

It is also possible to activate the following choices, based on the values collected by the GSM:

  • Management of the SPACE GSM, as sampler only.
  • Enable feedback on the moisture/compactability values.
  • Enable feedback on dosing of additives.


Controllers of sand moisture SPACE PGF

The moisture controllers SPACE PGF were first introduced in the market in 1984. Since then there have been many upgrades, as component and technology improvements became available. Thousands of units had been sold world-wide and the device is recognized by many leading foundries as being the most accurate available, thanks to the capacity of keeping the prepared sand within very strict limits. The unit is available in two forms, the PGF-D for batch mixers, and the PGF-CP for continuous mixers.

Main advantages:

  • Reduction in sand-related scrap defects 
  • Reduction in bad moulds
  • Suitable to be installed on mixers of any brand and type, with batch or continuous mixing.
  • Real time control of the complete mixing batch by moisture and temperature sensors installed in the sand stream.
  • Up to two electronic batching systems, sand and additions can be simultaneously controlled (batch mixers)
  • All useful information concerning the plant operation are shown on a 10" colour screen with video.
  • Simple use by guided menu.
  • The time of preparation cycle is not affected.
  • Calculation of the amount of water to be added with automatic compensation of evaporation losses.
  • Possibility to connect a total management system, to connect a remote control station as well, traceability of the process data.