Belt conveyors SPACE TN

The belt conveyors SPACE TN are exclusively designed for the transport of foundry sand.

The design and the manufacturing of these conveyors are based on the experience acquired during many years of supplying mines, quarries and foundries. These conveyors are very solidly constructed and only the best standard components available from the market are used.

Module solid construction and easy maintenance are the essential characteristics of this equipment.


Bucket elevator SPACE ET

The bucket elevator SPACE ET is specially designed for lifting and transporting return green sand.

The machines are largely dimensioned with a high service factor that considers the heaviest duties they have to bear. The range includes units with capacity from 20 to 200 T/h, lifting the material from a few meters up to 50 meters and more. Our elevators are designed to work with return sand temperatures up to 120°C.

In particular situations and using special materials, it is possible to work up to 180°C. They are manufactured with a strong electro welded frame, designed for resisting to the loads and the stress caused by the components in motion.

The buckets type DIN 15233, made of high thickness stainless steel plate with external edge coated with wear resistance hard-facing.


Bottom bin activator SPACE EVC

feeders, which have been used for a long time in return sand extraction from the main storage silos.

An important advantage provided by this machine is the elimination of the "coning effect", which affects the sand mass stored in big silos when equipped with draw off belt feeders emptying the system. Therefore, the availability of the whole quantity of the sand stored in the silos is assured, as any risk of sedimentation or adhesion to the walls is excluded.No vibration is transmitted to the structure and the unit operation ensures a very low noise level.

These machines require very limited maintenance.

Available from 30 to 300 T/h.


Oscillating conveyor SPACE TCS

Oscillating conveyor SPACE TCS is designed for transporting hot sand and castings in the foundry industry and manufactured to ensure constant use requiring limited maintenance.

The most relevant qualities are:

Very low noise thanks to the low frequency oscillation and homogenous transportation of the material over the whole length of the conveyor.

Available from 10 to 200 T/h.