Over-belt Aerator SPACE AP

The over-belt aerator SPACE AP offers innovative characteristics which make it up-to-date and efficient, ensuring the perfect aeration of moulding sand as required by the most recent moulding machines.The AP is exceptionally effective in improving green sand quality after preparation by the mixer.

Thanks to its homogenous aeration characteristics, it is possible to improve sand quality and eliminate any lump present.

Available from 40 to 200 T/h.


Polygonal rotary screen SPACE SPR

The polygonal rotary screen SPACE SPR is a well proven solution for sieving shake-out green sand.

The SPR units are particularly designed for their use in foundry green sand preparation plants. Our experience over the years shows that screens are often installed in the most inaccessible part of the sand plant, making inspection and maintenance difficult.

Having this on mind, our unit design is not only for long life but also to overcome long term problems associated with condensation and sand sticking to the inside of the screen body.

Available from 20 to 200 T/h.


Aerator-homogenizer SPACE DTC

The aerator-homogenizer SPACE DTC is the ideal solution for processing moulding green sand. Whatever is the range of equipment and the technology used in the process of moulding sand preparation, DTC will add that something to almost achieve the perfection.

The centrifugal force produced by the spinning central rotor projects the sand across the processing chamber and through the three rows of disintegration fingers located in the top of the DTC chamber.

Lumps, sometimes present in the prepared sand, are instantly broken up, thus enhancing the sand flow ability and mould ability.

Available from 20 to 160 T/h.


Magnetic grading drum SPACE GD

The magnetic grading drum SPACE GD ensures the removal of all micro ferrous materials in the moulding sand, which easily escape the action of “overbelt” magnetic separators.

These small ferrous pieces are harmful to patterns, particularly in vertical moulding machines.

They also produce a variety of casting defects resulting in additional fettling or even scraps.Suitable for heavy duty intensive continuous service.

Available from 30 to 200 T/h.