High intensity mixer SPACE VR

The mixer SPACE VR is specially designed for the preparation of different types of compounds in the foundry industry, glassworks, refractory materials, ceramics etc.

This machine is a rotating pan intensive mixer that, thanks to the combined movement with that of the mixing tools, it allows a homogeneous and rapid preparation of the mixtures, ensuring effective distribution and amalgamation of the additives, a good disintegration of the lumps and an excellent humidification.

Into the pan, the sidewall scraper continuously conveys the material from the periphery to the centre, keeping perfectly clean the sidewall of the pan.The bottom of the pan is cleaned by scrapers placed on the mixing tools.After the preparation cycle, it is commanded to open the discharge door, positioned at the centre of the pan, and the material falls by gravity into the hopper under the mixer.

From all of our installations it has been possible to observe the following advantages from the use of the VR Mixer:

  • Time reduction of mixing cycle
  • Consistent stabilization of prepared product parameters
  • Improvement in environmental conditions
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
Available from 18 to 150 T/h.


Pre-Mixer homogenizer SPACE MU

This type of machine has been specially designed for a homogeneous distribution of water and additives in the return sand, before their storage in the silos, helping the spontaneous reactivation of the bentonite and reducing the consumptions.

With the SPACE MU, additives are homogenized at best, allowing the improvement of the sand quality and achieving the following benefits:

  • reduction in bad sand quality related defects
  • reduction in additive consumptions
  • improvement of the casting quality

Available from 15 to 250 T/h.


Pre-Mixer-Cooler SPACE MUR

The pre-mixer-cooler SPACE MUR is the ideal machine that adds very efficient cooling action to the homogenization of return sands. In fact, besides the homogeneous distribution of water and additives, cooling by forced inlet of air through the sand in mixing produces evaporation of a part of water introduced in the machine.

The constructive characteristics of the MUR are similar to those of the MU. The addition of a blower and ducts to supply air slightly change the overall dimensions. The MUR is particularly suitable to treat return sand having inlet temperatures up to 100° C.

With the MUR unit it is possible to have the following benefits:

  • reduction in hot sand related defects
  • reduction in bad sand quality related defects
  • reduction in additive consumptions
  • improvement of the casting quality

  • Available from 15 to 250 T/h.


New Fluidized Bed Cooler SPACE TVR

With this new cooler concept, SPACE has achieved a better homogenizing of the sand, while at the same time has greatly reduced the dynamic loads created by the vibrations. This allows the TVR units to be installed on or within steel structures without compensating for the vibration produced.

The cooler SPACE TVR, together with the premixer SPACE MU and the automatic controller PGF, allows the best performances in sand homogenizing.

This system ensures very important savings in the consumption of additives.

The experience acquired throughout the years confirms the following advantages of the SPACE concept:

  • Saving of additives up to 10%
  • Time reduction of molding sand mixing cycle up to 15%
  • Consistent stabilization of prepared sand compactability and compression
  • Significant reduction of equipment maintenance cost
  • Dramatic reduction of casting scrap and casting defects due to sand quality
  • Important improvement of environmental conditions

Available from 15 to 250 T/h.